The Program


Don’t Miss The Beat is a summer intensive that takes a practical approach to dance. Our mission is to get street and studio dancers ready for competition season and give them a taste of what it is like to work as a professional in the dance industry. Through a variety of unique training techniques, the dancers will learn not only how to perform on stage but also for film/camera. This training will push their talents to a new level, mentally and physically making each dancer a stronger individual for studio life and their future. 

As a performer you are always faced with new challenges, choreography and learning how to perform. Our camp is an exciting experience that will help young dancers develop their mind and body, which will make them a stronger performer. Through a strategically planned program, we teach our dancers to express themselves freely while making new friends, training hard, and most importantly, learning how to have fun. This program will jump-start their preparation for their upcoming competition season and dance career.